Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Possible thriller setting

I have taken a photograph of a possible setting for a thriller, which is very close to my home. It shows I know what setting a thriller should have. A thriller film requires the setting to be in a place of safety or comfort to give the illusion that nothing can go wrong. This safety starts to disappear when further into the plot. The setting is also quite dark and gloomy which is also common in thrillers. The colour green is also used alot, green is very prominent in this setting. The trees look very dead and decayed, this could be used to foreshadow a possible ending in a thriller. 


  1. L2
    To improve to L3: Explain how does it demonstrate the requirements of a Thriller film , what does the location suggest/how does it help audience recognise the Genre?

  2. L3
    it is a good picture and a good annotation.
    To Improve
    you could have taken it a night to add more mystery and suspense.